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Fangirling bout EXO ♥
Monday, 17 June 2013 | 0 comment[s]

Okay. Niall Horan ♥ ahhh. okay, it's about EXO not 1 D -.- ugh. i dunno why people became a directioners  after they all fangirls about kpop. Stay on kpop side, please ! LMAO. My cousins love 1D and make me love them too. Haha. well, i don't love 1D but I just like them not like EXO. I FREAKINGGGG LOVEEEE THEMMMMM >3< Okay. Here it begins, hmm, seriously, i promised myself that i would buy XOXO Album . It's okay if i don't get both version. I don't mind getting one only. Well, helll yeah. It's expensive. I live in Malaysia. So, shipping and what ever costs money . Wait, why am i typing in english? Yeah, it's because i ruined my english vocab. Hah =.= Am a malay okay? But, Niall is just soooo cuteeee. With his braces -then not now- ahhh. Thank god he doesn't have girlfriends like Liam, Harry and Louis. ugh. I hate them. They have 10000000 fans and they still want to have girlfriends >_< My niall and Harry . Btw, know what? Hanis loves Niall too . I'm like asdfghjkl. NO ! WAITTTT. Why am i typing bout 1D again!? ugh . haha . keep typing ugh ;)  If i'm a typo. please forgive me :*

Now, let's take a look at EXO. This month not only exo is packed with their schedules, we exo stan are also busy ! Not only the internet connections are slow but we have PBS . oh damn . shit. sorry D; PBS, it's like torturing us. We have exams too you know? Okay, neeed to go to school now. ahhhhh. nooooooo! Bye bye. See ya ;) Speaking benor eden hari neyh xD